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My Practice Areas​

Alternative Dispute Resolution

A collaborative and efficient approach to resolving legal disputes, working with all parties involved to reach a mutually beneficial solution.


A streamlined and private approach to resolving legal disputes while guiding you through the process, ensuring a fair and just outcome.

Case Management Arbitration

Extra level of organization and structure to the arbitration process.
It is specifically intended for parties to court proceedings, assisting them with interim procedural matters, such as motions, while leaving to the courts’ jurisdiction the ultimate adjudication of their dispute.


By providing a safe and effective space, a neutral third party facilitates productive discussions that lead to conflict resolution. The objective is to aid the parties in reaching a mutually beneficial solution.


Combining the benefits of mediation and arbitration provides a flexible and efficient approach to resolving legal disputes.


Legal support for business deals, civil disputes, and other situations that require productive discussions to reach a positive outcome.

Administrative Law

Legal support for navigating complex regulatory processes, ensuring compliance with the applicable law. I will represent you before government agencies and tribunals to achieve the best possible outcome.

Immigration Law

Guidance and support for all aspects of Canadian immigration, from visa applications to permanent residency and citizenship.

Wills and Estates

Good estate planning is a way to show love and respect for the people you care about. I will work with you to create a roadmap that eases the burden of estate administration for your family, friends and business partners upon your death.

I will listen to your needs and goals, make recommendations based upon your individual circumstances, and prepare documents including: Will, Representation Agreement, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directive.

I also provide legal advice on Medical Assistance in Dying.

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I offer unbundled legal services, where you choose what scheme best fits your needs. Ranging from assistance with the totality of your legal issue, or partial guidance. Let’s start the conversation towards the solution of your legal concern.

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